The Statue of Liberty, America’s Icon of Freedom, was completely restored in 1986 and continues to be one of America’s most popularly visited attractions. Representing freedom from oppression and tyranny, the Statue represented a new way of life for the many immigrants who journeyed to America. Ellis Island, the Gateway to America, occupies a permanent place in America’s history and more than half of the immigrants entering the United States passed through its gates. We will depart at 6:30 AM Depart from the Wal-Mart parking lot on Plainfield Pike and return at approximately 10:30 pm. Upon arriving at Battery Park in New York, you will board a ferry which will take you to both the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. You’ll have time to view all the exhibits which focus on the great immigration to America and the effects both had on their families and their newly adopted homeland. There are cafeterias on both Ellis and Liberty Island for luncheon (on your own). One can only imagine the experiences of our forefathers as you tour these sites. After returning to Battery Park, our group will stop at the at BROOKFIELD PLACE where you can shop, relax or dine at one of the water front restaurants. REFUND POLICY: RDC TOURS will make every effort to refund your payment when you call to cancel in advance providing that your ticket can be sold to someone else. There is no refund for any ticketed events unless we can replace you. For reservations, Please call Richard Cece at (401) 529-7802
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